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Very few words today - I don't have many of those, recently.

I thought of posting a compilation of old and recent photos of the mountains. I've had the chance to grow up going hiking and skiing multiple times a year with family and friends since I was a few months old. I absolutely love this.

So here you have some snapshots of those moments, both in color and black and white. The ones in the classic rectangular format were shot with the usual Nikon FM2 you already know. The others belong to another life and were taken with my old Diana F+ (high school memories! I've had so much fun with that baby). As for the locations, these are all views of the Italian Alps in their central and eastern section (around Bergamo and Bolzano, mainly). May this bring you a breath of fresh air wherever you are.

Mom and dad


I sneaked into a grandpa's cellar to marvel at his cheeses, made with his own goats' milk, ageing in the dark... Before buying approximately 3 kilos. My dad and I couldn't resist.

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